Business License

Santaquin City Business License Regulations:

Santaquin City requires that any person doing business within the City have a Santaquin City Business License. Regulations for Santaquin City Business Licenses are found in the Santaquin City Code.

A few things you should know about doing business in Santaquin:

  • State law requires that all business names be registered with the Utah Department of Commerce. Register at the State of Utah website: One Stop Online Business Registration.
  • Return the Business License Application and required fees by mail or to the city offices located at: Santaquin City 275 West Main Street, 2nd Floor, Santaquin, UT 84655
  • Once a license has been approved, the license certificate will be mailed to the licensee. Allow approximately two (2) weeks for processing.

All door to door solicitors working in Santaquin are required to carry individual City-issued business license permits. These permits are about the size of a driver’s license and carry the solicitor’s picture and the Santaquin logo. If a solicitor comes to your door who is not carrying this City license, please inform the police department at 801-754-1070.

Below is an example of a solicitor’s license.

Additional questions, please call (801) 754-1011

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