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Come and join Jack and Annie as they travel through time and all over the world. Solving mysteries, having great adventures, meeting famous people, all with a little bit of magic thrown in, and still making it home in time for dinner. The first adventure will take us back in time to pre-historic times. We’ll learn about dinosaurs and how they lived, what they ate and other interesting scientific facts.  Add a craft or experiment and a yummy treat.

Activity is for 2nd grade and up on the first Thursday each month. Cost $5.00 each time and books will be ordered to come the week after each meeting. Includes the book, craft, experiment, occasional treats and loads of fun! Starting Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 4:30 pm. The first time we will decide if there will be two sessions depending on how many sign up. Questions call 801-754-3030


Nesting Doll Display

The library wants to thank Marcene Perry and invite others to let us display collections they might have. We change about every month or so.  Questions 801-754-3030 and ask for Lyn.

Matrioshka Nesting Dolls and other Russian Collectibles

Courtesy of Marcene Perry

The first Russian nested doll set was made in 1890 by Vasily Zvyozdochkin from a design by Sergey Malyutin, who was a folk crafts painter at Abramtsevo. Traditionally the outer layer is a woman, dressed in a sarafan, a long and shapeless traditional Russian peasant jumper dress. The figures inside may be of either gender; the smallest, innermost doll is typically a baby turned from a single piece of wood. Much of the artistry is in the painting of each doll, which can be very elaborate. The dolls often follow a theme; the themes may vary, from fairy tale characters to Soviet leaders. In the west, Matryoshka dolls are often erroneously referred to as "babushka dolls", babushka meaning "grandmother" or "old woman".




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