Santaquin City Public Works Landfill Department 


The Santaquin City Landfill is no longer open to the public.  Through an inter-local agreement, Santaquin Residents may now use the Payson landfill.

Address: 6665 S 10400 S Payson, Utah
Hours: Monday-Saturday 8AM-5PM
Fees:    - Green waste: No charge, as long as it is separated from household garbage.
Household Garbage: Resident rate (approximately $3).
Permits:  You will need a copy of your current Santaquin City utility bill or your Santaquin Landfill Permit.


There are many vehicles showing up at the landfill with untarped or loads of garbage that are not tied down. Vehicles will be turned away or charged a $56 untarped fee if this continues. Avoid unnecessary fees by tarping your garbage.


For more information, contact Payson City at 801-465-5200.

Contractors may make arrangements with Santaquin City at 801-754-3211 to make arrangements for disposal of biodegradable items at the Santaquin site.  Visit the fee schedule for current rates.


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