The Santaquin Landfill is closing to the Public Access.  The Santaquin City Landfill will only be available for City and Commercial use by Appointment Only.
(Minimum Charges Apply)


No waste or debris will be accepted after June 25, 2011.

Where can I take my landfill items?

Santaquin City has entered into an agreement with Payson City for Santaquin residents to have access the Payson City landfill at Reduced Costs.  The Payson Landfill is located at 6665 West 10400, Payson.  Its hours of operation are Monday-Saturday, 8am-5pm.

How much will it cost?

Santaquin City citizens enjoy the Payson Citizen rate of $3 per regular residential load. Disposal of Green Waste is Free. (Green waste must be separated from household waste.)

What do I need?

In order to qualify for the reduced rate, you will need a copy of your current City bill, or a Santaquin landfill permit, available at the Santaquin City office, 45 West 100 South.

What does the Payson Landfill take?

Green Waste
Construction Materials                                                                      
Household Waste
Plastic, Paper or Cardboard
Tires (4 per family per year, $3 each)

More Landfill Questions?

For more landfill information, please contact Payson City at 801-465-5200.