Employees Awarded

Chris Lindquist  Chris

December 2020
Fire/EMT Department -  Chris Lindquist

Chris Lindquist has worked for Santaquin City for the past twenty-two years in our Fire/EMS department. He is currently the city’s Emergency Manager and has been serving in this capacity for the past two years. After he was made Santaquin’s Emergency Manager, he set out to get his Utah Emergency Manager Certification.  This Program patterns the Certified Emergency Manager© Program offered by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) which he is already working toward earning.

Chris holds a doctorate degree in education from Grand Canyon University and is a full-time professor at UVU in their Emergency Services program. As a professor, he requires his students to interact with their communities, and businesses in their communities, to develop Emergency Response Plans. 

As the Emergency Manager for Santaquin, Chris leads out in several efforts to help the city staff and community be prepared for emergencies. He, along with Shane Bott, started the city’s CERT program in 2000 and he has been instructing the course ever since. He looks forward to being able to offer this program once again after Covid-19 is under control. He most recently worked with area business leaders to provide financial support that would benefit our residents and our local businesses, through the Santaquin City Stimulus Program. He also has stayed on top of the sanitation needs of the city office buildings during this COVID pandemic.

­­­­Chris and his sweetheart, Suzette, have lived in Santaquin for the past twenty-three years. They are the proud parents of three sons, Jordan, Dallan and Ryan. He enjoys spending time with his family and doing anything outdoors such as camping, hunting, fishing and gardening.  Emergency service and management is his passion, and we are very fortunate to have Chris provide direction and leadership in his role here at the city. Thank you, Chris, for your dedication and desire to serve the great people of our community.

Austin Austin

Police Department - Austin Lerwill

Officer Austin Lerwill is being recognized as our October 2020 Employee of the Month. In the words of a  member of the police department, “He is probably one of the most genuine and kind people you’ll meet.” Family is extremely important to him, and he is very devoted to them, as well as his job. He and his wife, Talyr, have been married for 4 years and they adopted a little girl from the Marshall Islands a couple years ago and now are expecting a baby boy any day.

From his early childhood, Austin wanted to be a police officer, but it was in high school when he knew it was his career path. He participated in our high school internship, which at the time consisted of ride alongs with officers 1 or 2 times a week throughout the school term. He set his sights specifically on Santaquin City’s police department and then worked to make it happen. Jenna, who works in the police department said about Austin, “In dealing with the public, no matter how difficult or stressful the situation may be, Austin is always calm and patient and respectful to all parties involved. He is very proactive, goal oriented and has a great work ethic. He is overall just an amazing person and is very deserving of this award.”

When asked what the best part of his job is, Austin says it’s when he can help a person or family without it involving an arrest or jail time. Those are the experiences that make this very difficult job worth it. He also stated that he appreciates serving in a great community who support the local police.

Some of you may have seen an image of Officer Lerwill recently on Facebook. An employee of the city caught him helping a little girl who has Down’s Syndrome. She does not speak well, and Spanish is her first language; therefore, learning her name and where she lived was difficult. On this morning, she woke up with a little cold but didn’t want to stay home from school. Her Mom insisted she stay home but she slipped away without Mom knowing and ended up at the Holiday Gas Station. Officer Lerwill stayed with her and gave her some treats until it was figured out where she belonged and safely returned her to her Mom.

Thank you Officer Lerwill for your dedicated service to Santaquin City and our citizens!


Shannon  Shannon

Administrative Services Department-Shannon Hoffman

hannon Hoffman is our Administrative Services Director and City Treasurer and has been employed by Santaquin City for nearly 21 years. She has direct responsibility over all aspects of human resources from personnel recruitment to payroll and benefits administration and everything in-between.  She also has supervisory and budgetary responsibility over the administration, utility billing, cemetery, and government building departments; as well as the Santaquin, Genola, and Goshen Justice Courts. 

During her time with Santaquin City, Shannon has worked for five mayors and numerous council members.  She has been, and continues to be, a voice of wisdom, integrity, and institutional knowledge for our elected leaders as they have assumed their leadership roles on the council.  She is truly respected as a leader within our organizations in her quiet and humble way.  She is always willing to serve, always willing to volunteer, and always willing to share her voice in support of each and every member of our city staff. 

Shannon is greatly appreciated by the clerks she supervises, and she backfills her staff as needed.  Her personnel work, and her departmental administrative support, makes the work of every other department of the city possible.  All the employees in the city know they can turn to her with human resource questions, and that their problems will be kept confidential. Shannon works tirelessly to ensure the needs of every member of our city staff and their families, from our police officers to firefighters and from our building inspectors to recreational staff. Each are taken care of with the utmost professionalism. 

Shannon started her career in government at Spanish Fork City as a utility billing clerk and then receptionist in the engineering department. A little more than five years later, she joined Santaquin City as our City Treasurer.  During that time, she has worked in various supervisory roles and has grown in her career as she consistently exhibited a strong work ethic and servant leadership style.   

Shannon shared that the best part of her job is the people she works with. She genuinely likes her fellow employees and the residents of the city. Shannon and her high school sweetheart husband Drew have lived in Santaquin for the past 21 years and they have three beautiful daughters.

Thank you, Shannon, for being a great example to all our staff and citizens with your dedicated service. You deserve this recognition.


Jenna Worthen   Jenna Worthen

JUNE 2020
Police Department–Jenna Worthen

Jenna Worthen is Santaquin City’s June 2020 Employee of the Month. She is our Police Department’s Administrative Assistant. Jenna has been with the city for about six years. She started working with the city as a part-time recreation clerk but transferred to the police department after a short period of time and then was promoted into a full-time position. When asked, Jenna explains that she loves being in the police department because it feels like being with family. All the officers and staff in the department have each other’s backs and treat one another with respect. She also enjoys the daily challenge of the job.

Jenna’s position is centralized to the department and she is fantastic at keeping things organized and running smoothly. She acts as the liaison between the police department and the public, attorneys, state and federal agencies, and other city departments. Chief Hurst shares, “Jen is not a just a spoke in the wheel but the actual hub that keeps the wheel moving forward.  Her work ethic and skill set attract a lot of professional attention from other agencies and other city departments.  Despite more lucrative offers, Jen has chosen to remain loyal to the police department. On a personal level, she is the type of woman you hope your daughters grow up to be like and the kind of woman you hope your son would marry.”      

Jenna and her husband Carter have lived in Santaquin for the past four years. She grew up in Spokane, Washington, lived in Brazil for 18 months while serving a mission, then met and married her husband at BYU. They have one sweet little boy.

Thanks for being such a great employee for Santaquin City Jenna!

Taylor Sutherland  Taylor Sutherland 

APRIL 2020

Fire & EMS Department-Taylor Sutherland

Taylor Sutherland is our April Employee of the Month. He was nominated for this recognition because of his outstanding work in our Fire Department as our Fire Code Officer, which can be a very unpopular responsibility.  In his role he works directly with the Code Review Committee and the Development Review Committee, he signs off on Plan Reviews, does Life Safety Inspections and signs off on Business Licenses.  He handles his responsibilities with utmost professionalism. He has a willing attitude and is always looking for ways to serve within his department and otherwise. Taylor grew up in Santaquin and has spent many years in the military and currently serves with the Army Reserve Unit as a Military Police Officer.  Thank you Taylor, for being a great example to all of our staff and citizens with your dedicated service. You deserve this recognition. 

Hayden  HM


Leisure Services Department-Hayden Mageno

Hayden is an office clerk for the Recreation Department. She is our swiss army knife and does a variety of things to help the Department, including being the front line with customer service, registering recreation participants, helping with special events, site supervisor for sports and also recording minutes for the Recreation Board and Museum Board. We appreciate Hayden’s willingness to be such a great team player!

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