Emergency Preparedness

As a community, we are a resilient and resourceful bunch.  But we can all be better prepared to handle disasters when they arise.  

As a City we are preparing to handle vital services during emergencies and you can help us by preparing yourself and your families, and also encouraging your neighbors and friends to work on their level of preparedness. 

Take a look at the information in this section and start there to increase your level of personal preparedness.  Doing this now will make your experience during and after a natural disaster much less stressful. You'll be ready to do what needs to be done and be able to assist others in need.


Tornado in Utah?  Yes, it’s possible. Although tornadoes in Utah are relatively rare because of our topography (the mountains usually interrupt the wind patterns needed to form a large tornado) they have been seen in the past and are very powerful storms. You’ve probably seen the movie Twister and know to avoid the butchering shed but do you know what you should do instead? Take a look at this helpful info to find out. 


Floods have been, and continue to be, the most destructive natural disaster in terms of economic loss to the citizens of Utah. Remember the great downpour and widespread basement flooding we had in 2014? Floods can happen anywhere, at any time. Major floods in Utah are almost always the result of rapidly melting snow in late spring and early summer and accompanied by thunderstorms.  But there are some precautions we can take to prevent or minimize damage from flooding. Click here for some timely tips.


Living where we do, Earthquake is high up on the list of potential hazards.  Because of the large geographical area they affect, there are many dangers associated with them.  Lucky for us, there are several things we can do to be more prepared for earthquakes and bounce back to normal more quickly.  Our level of personal preparedness will determine how quickly we can recover from a natural disaster like a large earthquake. 

Doing these four things will put us well on the way to being earthquake ready:

1 - Make a Plan
2 - Get a Kit
3 - Be Informed
4 - Get Involved

Severe Weather

They say if you’re in Utah and don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.  The weather can change quickly in Utah and being ready for those changes will help you and your family ‘weather the storm’ and might even save your life. Take a look at these tips to help get you ready for Severe Weather

Protecting your home from Wildfires

Every year in Santaquin we deal with wildfires. Whether man made on the 4th of July or caused by a chain dragging from a trailer hitch or even lightning igniting dry brush in the canyon it’s always a danger.  Did you know that a burning ember from an active fire can travel a half mile or more and ‘jump’ the fire line.  We are fortunate that there are things we can do to protect our home and property from those hazards.  We need to create zones. Click here to find out more. And, check out this site for additional information.


Extreme Heat

In the winter when it gets cold you can always layer up with the clothes to stay warm but in the summer and especially during extreme heat spells you can only take off so many clothes before people start reporting you.  In all seriousness, there are many that have a difficult time regulating their body temperatures in extremely hot conditions, these are usually the elderly and the very young so keep a particular eye on them. Check on neighbors who might be in these groups during hot streaks. For more info on staying cool click here

Power Outages

We really do depend on our Power flowing into our homes.  When that power is interrupted things come to a halt.  Danger can also be involved depending on what has caused the outage. If the power is out in your home, take a look across the street and see if you are the only one.  Report outages to Rocky Mountain Power by calling 1-888-221-7070 or report online here.  If you see a power line down call 911 and stay away from it and keep others away.  Electricity is not to be messed with. See more safety tips here.

preparedness workshops

Our community, in cooperation with other neighboring towns, has created a series of workshops aimed at helping the members of our community become more prepared and able to respond to disasters and recover much more quickly when they happen.  We call this Santaquin-Goshen Ready and workshops are held monthly (except July and December) on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  Although held in a church building, all are welcome and encouraged to attend.See our website for more information. 
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