Curbside Recycling

Approved Curbside Recycling Services

In an effort to provide recycling services to interested residents, the city council has approved a curbside recycling program to be provided by Republic Services – our current garbage hauler.

For those participating in the program, a container will be delivered to your home during the month and service will begin. Attached to your new recycling container will be a list of recyclable items as well as the service calendar for the first few months of service.

For current Curbside Recycling Fees, see our City Fee Schedule

If you have any questions about Curbside Recyling, please refer to our FAQ section.

Important Recycling Information

Republic Services recycling containers are blue. Some residents may have a blue Republic Services container that they have been using for trash. If you are new to curbside recycling and you already have a blue container, Republic will provide you with a GRAY garbage container and your blue container will become your recycling container. 


Did you know that recycling is easy?

There is no need to sort your recyclables. Everything from plastic shampoo bottles to paperboard cereal boxes all gets tossed in the same container. You don’t even need to bag them!

What are the benefits of a recycling program?

It protects the environment, saves energy, and reduces landfill solid waste. For every ton of paper recycled, 60,000 gallons of water is saved. We use 70% less energy using recycled product in manufacturing than with raw materials. Recycling 1 aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for up to 3 hours.

Additional Information:

Residents are often concerned about the additional time/energy that recycling programs require. Santaquin City’s Curbside All-In-One service makes recycling as easy as taking out your trash! There is no need to sort your recyclables. Here are a few examples of what can go in your blue recycling bin. For a complete list that can be printed for your reference please click here.

Plastics #1-7: There is no need rinse/wash your food containers. As long as they are scraped clean, they are good to go!

This includes everything from office paper to phone books. Remember shredded paper is also acceptable and shredding of confidential documents is encouraged!

Break down those boxes for extra room!

No need to rinse those soda cans—simply toss them in!

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