Garbage Collection

Garbage cans are provided by Republic Services for residential and commercial use. You should take your can to the street the night before your scheduled pickup. Pickup is every Tuesday unless a national holiday falls on a Monday, which then garbage collection will be moved to Wednesday. 

Garbage and Recycling Days Change:
Garbage and recycling pick-up days are changing, beginning the week of February 15, 2021. Until that week, garbage and curbside recycling will continue to be picked up on Tuesdays for the entire city.  Beginning on Monday February 15th, only residents living on the SOUTH side of Main Street and EAST of I-15 will have garbage and recycling pickup.  Beginning on Tuesday, February 16th, only residents living on the NORTH side of Main Street will have garbage and recycling pickup. Main Street wil be split down the center, so if you live on the North side you will have pickup on Tuesdays, and if you live on the South side you will have pickup on Mondays. 

Recycling will continue to be picked up every other week and will be picked up on the week of change in February.  The city will mail a map and a magnet calendar for reference.  Please watch the mail for these reference materials and hold on to them for the year 2021. (See Below)

The following guidelines should be followed to minimize problems with pickup:

  • Make sure cans are at the street prior to 7 am. 
  • Make sure the can is facing forward with the handle facing away from the street.
  • Don't place can within 8 feet of any vehicle, trailer, etc.
  • If you have multiple cans, separate them by two-to-four feet.
  • Don't overfill the can as garbage will fall out before the garbage can is dumped. You will be responsible to pick up any spilled garbage.
  • All items in the can must be bagged to prevent spillage.
  • Garbage placed around the can on the ground will not be picked up. The garbage truck will only pick up cans.
  • Use caution when placing heavy items in the can. If the truck cannot lift it, you will need to find an alternate method of disposal.


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