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Do you have questions about Santaquin City that you would like answered? Check out the videos on this page to become more informed about what is happening at Santaquin City. 

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Most Recent Video

TOPIC: Taxes: Where do my tax dollars go?
LENGTH: 3:28
DESCRIPTION: Property and Sales taxes are collected then distributed. How much does Santaquin City receive? 

Older Videos

TOPIC: What is a city manager and what do they do?
LENGTH: 4:07
DESCRIPTION: The responsibilities of a City Manager within Santaquin City.

TOPIC: When are we getting a signal light at Center and Main Street?
LENGTH: 2:20 
DESCRIPTION: Reasons why we don't currently have a light and what it will take to get one.

TOPIC: Are there plans for a Middle, Jr. or High School in the near future?
LENGTH: 2 minutes
DESCRIPTION: The Nebo School District has purchased land for schools in the future. 

TOPIC: How are we going to maintain our agricultural feel while new development is happening?
LENGTH: 3 minutes
DESCRIPTION: What has already been put in place to protect agricultural land and what is planned.

TOPIC: What's Happening in Santaquin? - May 2019 
LENGTH: 27 minutes
DESCRIPTION: The Grocery Store i.e. Orchard Lane Development, West Business Park, Exit 242, Various road projects throughout the city.  


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