Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month - Ross Williams
Posted on 10/01/2019

Volunteer of the Month - Ross Williams 

Ross has never met a stranger. He has a special gift for relating to anyone to find their story. He has always been this way. He is often found pulled over helping someone in need, paying for someone’s dinner or buying someone much needed groceries. His willingness to always help, in situations that aren’t “pretty service opportunities”, is inspiring. 

During his 20 years as a law enforcement and parole officer he was seen doing many things quietly to serve those he was connected with, through his job. Making sure their kids had clothes, making sure they had somewhere warm to sleep and helping them find jobs so they could learn to help themselves. In the winter, he is often found on his 4 wheeler making sure all of his neighbor’s driveways are clear of snow. He has spent many years helping to coach wrestling and other sports and activities that his kids were involved with in the community. He’s the kind of guy you are glad to call a friend. Ross Williams


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