Volunteers Awarded


During the early part of the fire situation in 2018, Mandi saw the need to collect supplies for our firefighters and for those who would be joining our local fighters. The city was being bombarded with requests from great residents who wanted to help and Mandi was one of them. She stepped forward and volunteered to coordinate, collect, and deliver all the supplies that were being donated. She collected the items at her home, away from the fire command center, which eased the growing responsibilities of our firefighting team. She stayed active on social media to inform the residents where supplies could be delivered. She worked with our city's PIO officer to keep the right kind of supplies coming in and then delivered the supplies directly to where they were needed. Her volunteer efforts greatly benefited our community during a very stressful time. 


Manny is a valuable volunteer for the residents of Santaquin City. Manny’s volunteer efforts involve hosting classes to help our Hispanic community acquire their driving privilege cards so they can drive legally. Since the test is in English, Manny is able to teach the students some English and then read the questions to them when taking the test. He has helped a lot of our own community members in this way during the past year. He started serving the Hispanic communities shortly after graduating from the Utah Police Academy in 1996 and has continued this type of volunteer service in each community he has been employed as a Police Officer. Manny is a father to 7 children and married to his sweetheart Nancy. He is a big advocate for helping the community and always treats everyone with dignity, respect and kindness. Santaquin City appreciates Manny’s volunteer service.

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